Andover Riding School
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DECEMBER 2020: Retaining 5-Star

Once again, and continuing the successful record since 2018, we are pleased to announce that we have retained our 5-Star Rating from the Environmental Councils Licencing Authority and Licencing Vet.

DECEMBER 2019: Retaining 5-Star

We are pleased to announce that we have retained our 5-Star Rating from the Environmental Councils Licencing Authority and Licencing Vet, with excellent comments from the local licensing authority and vet.

NOVEMBER 2018: 5-Star Rating

We are really pleased to say we have just won the award of being rated as a 5 Star Riding School from the Environmental Councils Licencing Authority and Licencing Vet. This is the highest rating that can be awarded and we are only the second one to have recieved this. We passed it all with flying colours with the comment from the Licencing Authority saying the horses and ponies are in excellent form and that its always a pleasure for them to come here.

The horses had a thorough check over by the vet, also each ones weight and work done by each one to name just a few of the many credentials needed to get the highest rating.

The riding school has gone from strength to strenght and we are packed out every day, thanks to all the amazing customers we have. We are a professional but freindly riding school and would like to say a big thankyou to all our staff and the different duties they perform, and for being a part of this highly successful now 5 Star rated Riding School.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Charity Coffee Weekend

We are holding a Macmillans Charity Coffee weekend on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of October which includes a raffle; all money collected going to Macmillans. Please come along, enjoy a ride and then have a coffee, all for a good cause.

AUGUST 2016: Andover Riding School Update

We have gone from strength to strength since we started less than a year ago. Starting with only four ponies, this has grown to the nine riding school horses and ponies we have now (besides our Tinies, who we don’t ride!).

Here hoping that the next year will be just exciting for everyone involved with Andover Riding School.

JULY 2016: ARS Welcomes The New Tinie's

In July we purchased THREE new ponies, two miniature Shetlands and one miniature horse, and ran a competition at the beginning of August to find them names.

After an overwhelming response, staff and pupils decided that they should be called THUMBELINA (for the small chestnut), MAGIC (for the Palamino) and BUTTERCUP (for the larger chestnut).

We love these names and can only thank everyone for their entries, especially the three winners. And they will suit the TINIES really well.

Please click on the picture of them on ths page to see the how they are getting on and how they always seem to bring a smile to the face of anyone who meets them.

APRIL 2016: Mad Hatters Cafe

Exclusive to Andover Riding School, in May we are opening the Mad Hatters Cafe. With such a vibrant and busy riding school, more and more people are coming to watch their children and friends ride in lessons. So from May you can grab yourself a coffee or tea, along with a snack or two, whilst you watch how we teach our pupils to ride.

SEPTEMBER 2015: New Foal at Andover Riding School

Here is Memphis Belle (Belle) for short our gorgeous little filly foal who was born in the fields at Andover Riding School on 3rd Sept 2015. As is plain to see she is a very pretty little cob foal who has one set of long black eyelashes and one set of white ones, and has lovely markings. It wasn't long after Belle was born before she was up on long wobbly legs feeding from her mum. She now races round the field trying out her legs and seeing how fast she can go (which is like the wind), while her mum stands and looks on. Belle is already becoming friendly and calm.

Her mum was purchased as a riding school horse, although soon after she was purchased it became apparent she was in foal, she is now happily grazing the fields proudly looking after Belle, and enjoying well deserved time out.

Regular updates on Belle will appear on our News Page so keep a look out for these, and follow Belles story as she starts out on her journey through life, with so much for her to learn, see and do.